Ten Lavender Essential Oil Uses

lavender essential oil uses

In the world of essential oils, Lavender is one of (if not) the most commonly used due to its versatility and pleasant scent. It is indispensable in both perfumery and aromatherapy. Like the flowers, the rich scent of Lavender oil is floral, sweet and herbaceous. The fact that the oil is affordable and easily attainable (we like this organic version) is just more icing on the cake.

If you have some available, here are ten great Lavender essential oil uses:

Make a cocktail

If you thought Lavender oil was useful only for its pretty scent, guess again. Lavender can lend a beautiful fragrant complexity to all kinds of drinks. Here are five to try.

Create a Fougère

Fougère is a fragrance family (the word means ‘fern’ in French). The fougère structure includes notes like lavender, coumarin, oakmoss, woods, and bergamot.

Take the sting out of insect bites

Put a drop of Lavender oil on a bee sting or insect bite to stop itching reduce swelling.

Repel bugs and insects

Better yet — prevent bites altogether by misting Lavender oil onto your skin and clothing.

Calm headaches and anxiety

Rub 2 – 3 drops of Lavender oil in your cupped palms, place your hands over your nose and mouth and inhale deeply. You can also rub Lavender oil on parts of your body (temples, wrists, neck) for an immediate calming effect.

Soothe irritated skin

Mix several drops of Lavender oil with a carrier oil (coconut, jojoba, sweet almond) and use topically on irritated skin, eczema and dermatitis.

Add to skincare products

Lavender oil adds a sweet and aromatic essence to balms, salves and lotions. It also helps relieve dry skin.

Drop in your bath or shower

Add 5 – 10 drops of Lavender oil to your bath water. When showering add 2 – 4 drops Lavender oil onto your head, then stand under running water and allow it to rinse it off.

Give (or receive) a massage

How to make a massage even more relaxing? Mix several drops of Lavender oil with a carrier oil (coconut, jojoba, sweet almond) and use as massage oil. It’s an amazing way to deal with sore muscles and joints.

Hit snooze

Add a few drops onto your pillow or mist onto your sheets to induce sound sleep.

Safety Considerations: Consider a patch test before applying directly to those with sensitive skin.

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