The New Love Potion No. 9

Scent of Seduction is launching the world’s only fine fragrance born of human pheromones.

Over 1200 new perfumes were launched in 2011, so standing out in the market is more important than ever. Prends-Moi claims to help you lose weight. Lady Gaga claims to have created the “first ever black eau de parfum.” Scent of Seduction, a new line launching October 1st, claims to be “the world’s only fine fragrance born of human pheromones.”

The key to the fragrance is its patent-pending design structure that contains a 4th dimension. In addition to the three traditional notes in a perfume structure—head, heart, base—Scent of Seduction has a phero-note™ that is comprised of proprietary blends of synthesized human pheromone molecules.

“Other perfume manufacturers have attempted to simply add or “infuse” generic pheromone compounds into their product. This is done without regard to the overall structure of the fragrance notes and often means that any potential value from the pheromones is negated by molecular structural conflicts. Sounds good in marketing but an ineffective and useless method. Using our patent-pending processes, our master perfumer works closely with our psychoneuroendocrinology team to use specific synthesized pheromone molecules as elements of the fragrant palette.”

If you slept through high school biology, let us bring you up to speed. Pheromones are chemicals secreted by all humans that, among other things, help us find and attract sexual partners. The founder of Scent of Seduction has been studying the field of sensory stimulation for over twenty years.

Scent of Seduction combines the emotional reaction evoked by fine perfumes with the more primal reactions naturally caused by human pheromones.

The bottomline: This fragrance will make you more attractive to potential partners. You will feel beautiful, sensual, and in charge. We’d love to test this out Love Potion No. 9 style to see if it really works. Until some results roll in, we’re naturally skeptical. Volunteers?


via Press Release

Image: Scent of Seduction

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