Carrot Seed Oil

rainbow carrot seed oil

Some fragrance ingredients are obvious—a splash of rose? Sure! a drop of lavender? Of course. A dash of carrot? Huh?? While carrot seed oil is a star in the skincare world, few people are aware of it’s usage and benefits within fragrance.

When working with carrot seed oil, the goal is to emphasize its woody, floral, earthy facets.

Carrot seed oil can serve a variety of purposes in a formula—floral reinforcement, earthy addition, aromatic accent—and it’s more commonly used as a complementary ingredient, rather than the main focus of a fragrance. Great perfumers are talented at thinking outside the box, focusing on scent and utilizing seemingly odd ingredients to make amazing fragrances.


fresh, woody, earthy, violet, iris, slightly sweet

Quick Facts

  • Carrot seed oil comes from carrot seeds and is not to be confused with carrot oil, which comes from the carrot itself and is used as a carrier oil.
  • In skincare, carrot seed oil is frequently used for anti-aging, sun protection, skin rejuvenation, and wound treatment. Rich in beta carotene, antioxidants, and vitamins B, C, and E, carrot seed oil has numerous health benefits.
  • Carrot seed oil is used to compliment, reinforce and replace iris or violet in fragrance. This is an important role considering iris is the most expensive raw material and the scent of violet cannot be extracted.

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