The first time I smelled Osmanthus I was instantly captivated by the alluring, complex smell. The flower itself is not particularly beautiful, but the scent is intoxicating. Also called Tea Olive, Fragrant Olive or Sweet Olive, Osmanthus has tiny white, yellow, or orange flowers and blooms in mild climates in the fall and winter.

The name Osmanthus means fragrant flower, in Greek “osma” means fragrant and “anthos” means flower.

The absolute is one of the most expensive perfume ingredients and is usually produced from the golden/orange flowers variety. Its multi-dimensional character and long lasting power make it a wonderful perfume ingredient. It imparts different effects to a fragrance over time, from soft fruity notes to heavy leathery tones.


The Osmanthus flower smells floral and warm with notes of honey and ripe apricot, while the absolute is complex, floral and fruity with undertones of honey, woody and leather.

Osmanthus Fragrances

Kinmokusei (Ayala Moriel)
Osmanthe Yunnan (Hermes)
Osmanthus (Ormonde Jayne)
Datura Noir (Serge Lutens)
Osmanthus (The Different Company)

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