Niche Perfume: What Is It?

CB I Hate Perfume Bottles

Niche perfume has grown immensely over the past decade or two — some small independent brands are now global hits. Nevertheless their mission remains the same: to create unique, high quality fragrance with a focus on the product over market-testing, mass appeal and advertising. Niche perfumes are often unisex, frequently come in simple packaging over flashy bottles, and rarely appear in marketing campaigns.

Niche perfumes are produced at a much smaller scale than mass market perfumes, thus they are sold in fewer stores, like fragrance-centric boutiques rather than department stores. Niche devotees love the individuality and uniqueness of the offerings. So if you find yourself tired of the bottles and models adorning the pages: think niche!

A Sampling of Niche Brands

Atelier Cologne


CB I Hate Perfume



Frederic Malle

Le Labo

Parfums DelRae

Santa Maria Novella

Serge Lutens

Image: Pop Up City

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